Production facilities

From environmental emergency
to technological breakthrough

The building sector is essential for housing, healthcare, transport… and it must evolve.

Today, 80% of all buildings in France are made of concrete, a universal material. The production of its essential component, cement, has not undergone any major changes for nearly two centuries. Only a technological breakthrough can shake things up!

With its 4.0 production site, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies truly embodies this desire for transformation in the building industry. A desire born from the alliance of scientific expertise and industrial audacity. The cement plant of the future: no stacks, no quarries, no waste…

Built in 16 months, the Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies cement plant is a 4.0 industrial unit, both in terms of its manufacturing process and its energy efficiency.

A concept that can be applied and duplicated throughout France, and across the globe, the Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies site relies on locally sourced materials.

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