H-P2A, geopolymer adhesive cement

H-P2A (High Performance Activation Alkaline) is an innovative geopolymer cement. It is a real alternative to Portland cement for use in adhesive mortar.

It is formulated on the basis of co-products from other industries, to reduce its carbon footprint while increasing the mechanical performance of this product.

Composition of this adhesive cement

Activators and superactivators formulated by Hoffmann Green are added to the flash clay mixed with silicate.

The advantages of H-P2A geopolymer cement

This low-carbon cement has a tensile strength on concrete of more than 25 MPa.

H-P2A cement is a two-component cement consisting of either an active powder and a liquid solution or 2 mixing pastes to be mixed to obtain a fast curing effect.

Perfectly compatible with existing production processes, H-P2A cement is intended for the formulators market for the manufacture of 100% mineral, non-flammable and VOC-free adhesives.