What if we made history?

June 2014
A conversation with David Hoffmann and Julien Blanchard
March 2015
Patent submitted for H-P2A
September 2015
Airbus, Total and Michelin become sponsors of the project
January 2016
Construction of a private research laboratory
August 2016
Visit of French President, Emmanuel Macron
December 2016
Obtained PIA 1 Label (French investments in the future programme)
July 2017
Construction began on the 1st production site
July 2017
Seal of Excellence
September 2017
Obtained European H2020 Label
October 2017
Patent submitted for H-EVA
February-June 2018
Signed contracts for major industrial partnerships
September-October 2018
Obtained PIA 3 Label
November 2018
Inauguration of the H1 site in Bournezeau (Vendée, France)
December 2018
First delivery of 25 tonnes of H-UKR cement
January 2019
Delivery of the world’s 1st low-carbon staircase for Gaïté Montparnasse project (Paris)
June 2019
A record-breaking €15 million in funds raised to accelerate our production capacity
September 2019
Expansion of the H1 site with the construction of ZONE 3
October 2019
IPO on Paris Stock Exchange / Euronext Growth

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, a true industrial adventure is, first and foremost, a story about people.
In this case, it’s about two men whose paths crossed and who combined their skills to create something new. These two men are both driven by a shared ambition: to participate in the environmental transition of the construction sector by proposing high-performance, low-carbon cements that completely break the mould of existing technologies and are able to meet the challenges of climate change.

In March 2014, David Hoffmann, an experienced scientist at the top of his game in waste inertization techniques and very aware of the challenges facing our environment, crossed paths with Julien Blanchard, a born entrepreneur, already at the head of two historic companies in the Vendée region. Their shared commitment is to perfect and manufacture, on an industrial scale, next generation cements with a greatly reduced carbon footprint, formulated primarily using co-products from other industries.

Uniting many different partners, the team consists of a multitude of talents who set out on a quest to find a location that could house the new industrial concept; a plant, version 4.0, respectful of the environment and the principles of a circular economy. The plant was built in just 18 months.
The success was celebrated with an inauguration on 22 November 2018, bringing together 500 people, including local, regional and national elected officials.

Public authorities, understanding the importance of this innovation, support Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies by providing 15% of the initial 10 million euros of financing and honouring the company with several awards.
Awarded the Horizon 2020 Labelfor Research and Innovation in Europe and after initially obtaining eligibility in December 2016 through CGI, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies’ application was approved in September 2018 for the very demanding Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir Français 3 (PIA3).

With new binders whose carbon footprint is reduced by a factor of 7 compared to Portland cements, a new era has begun for low-carbon cement production at Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, an initiative saluted by the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, who visited the laboratory in August 2016.

The year 2019 is characterized by a powerful acceleration on several levels.

First of all, Hoffmann Green is accelerating its business development by entering into major strategic agreements with major players in the construction sector, Bouygues Construction and the GCC Group.

Acceleration on the financial front, with the aim of consolidating the Group’s growth, with a €15 million fundraising campaign concluded in June 2019 and an IPO on the Paris Stock Exchange (Euronext Growth Paris sub-fund) with €74 million raised in October 2019.

Finally, acceleration on the human side, with the integration of profiles within our team on key functions necessary for our development, as well as the appointment of our Supervisory Board.