Our business

A pioneer in low-carbon cement 0% clinker

Faced with the climate change emergency and the need to reconcile cement and the environment, the Company designs and produces new low-carbon cements 0% clinker with a substantially lower carbon footprint than traditional cement.

The Company is behind a technological breakthrough based on changes to cement’s composition so that it no longer contains clinker, the main source of CO2 emissions in cement production, and on the development of a clean and heating-free cement manufacturing process (no heating of raw materials).

Supporting the circular economy principles and using local resources, Hoffmann Green cements are currently produced on its first 4.0 industrial site, with no kiln and zero-waste, located in Bournezeau, western France, which has been operational since January 2019.

Our innovative and disruptive technologies

The Company has developed three different technologies for producing new low-carbon cements 0% clinker for all construction sector markets:

geopolymer technology, to address the glue market

alkali-activated slag technology, to address the precast concrete, ready-mix concrete, and cement bags markets

ettringite technology in alkaline environment, to address the mortar, coatings and road binders and ready-mixed concrete markets

Hoffmann Green cements present, at equivalent dosage and with no alterations in the concrete manufacturing process, higher performances than traditional cement. These technical and economical performances have been recorded by a number of renowned national and international laboratories.