The Great Interview of Julien Blanchard

In an exclusive interview, Julien Blanchard shares with us his story as an entrepreneur, his meeting with David Hoffmann, his conception of the industry and his vision of the cement and construction sector.

In particular, he discusses the need for innovation to meet environmental challenges and his commitment to developing and imposing Hoffmann Green solutions on the construction market. It is also an opportunity to better understand and better perceive the industrial path taken and, above all, the course followed by all Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies teams to succeed in their missions, particularly in the deployment of future production units.   

Discover the entire interview or the extracts chosen by theme.

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Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: The importance of the collective
Part 3: A breakthrough industrial model
Part 4: Vision and perspectives
Part 5: A new industrial model
Part 6: An inspired and surrounded leader