Start of construction of the second H2 production site

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies announces that it has launched the construction of its second production site, made entirely from Hoffmann Green cement, and confirms its industrial development.

Hoffmann Green achieved a major milestone in its development with the launch of construction work on its second plant, “H2”, for manufacturing clinker-free cement.

Testimonials from Pierre Denis, Founding Partner of DGA Architects, and Olivier Lefelle, Head of New Construction at Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies.

This exceptional structure located next to the first production site, “H1”, in Bournezeau (Vendée, western France) and built entirely from Hoffmann Green cement, will have a production capacity of 250,000 metric tons a year. The concept and design of “H2” were defined using feedback on “H1”.

Thus, with its 70-meter-high mixing tower, “H2” is a vertical plant in which cement production will follow a gravity-driven process enabling the unit’s production to be optimized. This site’s verticality also enables it to occupy a land take of just 1.5 hectares: “H2”’s limited land take will thus be half that of “H1” but its production capacity will be 5 times greater. “H2” will be the model unit used for development, in France and abroad, in the shape of licensing agreements. This second site’s budget is an estimated 22 million euros, and it is scheduled to become operational during the second half of 2022, in line with the Company’s industrial roadmap.

Julien Blanchard and David Hoffmann, co-founders of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, say: “This second plant is a key milestone in our development plan in order to increase our production capacity.

H2will thus enable us to address the growing demand for our clinker-free low-carbon cement, as we have recently signed a number of partnerships with key construction players such as GCC, KP1, Capremib, Cemex and Eiffage Génie Civil. We would like to congratulate our teams, as this second plant is the result of a multitude of challenges taken up in 2020 in order to increase production capacity by five. It is the rare combination of an exceptional industrial performance and a minimized environmental impact. This structure demonstrates our industrial excellence and perfectly and genuinely materializes our intent to decarbonize the construction sector”.

Olivier Lefelle, Head of New Construction at Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, adds: “This second plant represents a major and structuring step. The choice of a vertical model for the mixing tower is an innovative concept in the construction sector and is perfectly in line with Hoffmann Green’s responsible vision. Furthermore, by using Hoffmann cement for its construction, this building site will enable CO2 emissions to be reduced by around 20,000 metric tons”.

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