Press release – Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies raises 15M€

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies raises 15M€ to accelerate its production of low-carbon cement.

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, the 6th cement producer in France and a pioneer in creating cement that is low carbon from the start, announced today that they have raised 15M€ to accelerate development and launch construction of their second production site in the Vendée region.

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies has developed an innovative solution that consists in changing the composition of cement itself to achieve a carbon footprint that is reduced by a factor of 7 when compared to Portland cement. Using innovative technologies for “next generation cements”
made of co-products, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies is able to formulate very low carbon concretes with alternative aggregates, guaranteed 0% clinker. This solution preserves natural resources and makes it possible to recycle industrial waste while encouraging a circular economy and the use of local resources.

The best CO2 is the CO2 we never produce. The construction sector is among the biggest producers of CO2 in the world and today this must change as we face climate issues and the regulatory ecosystem. Considering this two-fold challenge, we have developed dedicated technologies and are putting all our energy toward their implementation. I want to thank the new private investors who have now joined our industrial story and share in our ambition, as well as our shareholders who participated in this most recent fundraising effort,” explained Julien Blanchard, President and Co-Founder of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies.

These days, simply saying we comply with the current regulations is not enough. All new projects must integrate a quantifiable environmental and societal contribution. It’s the only way to achieve a paradigm shift while still participating in a dynamic economy for our regions. Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies is currently the 6th cement producer in France, the advent of a personal and collective journey made possible by the women and men who have trusted us with their concern to create a sustainable future. It’s also the industrialization of new technologies that make it possible to build housing and infrastructures that combine technical and environmental performance as well as aesthetics,” concluded Julien Blanchard.

A fundraising effort to accelerate the production of low-carbon cement

Based in Bournezeau, France, the 6th cement producer in the country now has a production capacity of 50,000 tonnes on their pilot site and currently employs about fifteen people. After finalising a first fundraising effort of 10M€ in 2018, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies is launching a second drive for 15M€, seeking private investors to accelerate its industrial development with construction of a second site in Bournezeau to significantly increase its production capacity. Since its inauguration in November 2018, the Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies site has delivered
low carbon cement to major worksites, notably those of the number one real estate developer in the world, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield for its Ateliers Gaité Montparnasse shopping centre project in Paris.

About Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies

Carbon reduction is no longer an option, but rather it has become an absolute emergency, the duty of each and every one of us in our respective fields. Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies believes in the virtue of disruptive ecological innovation and the lever effect that it can have in reducing our carbon footprint. The construction sector,
among the biggest producers of CO2 in the world, must change now as we face climate issues and the regulatory ecosystem. Solutions exist and the teams at Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies have decided to do everything they can to implement those solutions.

The Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies 4.0 site in the Vendée region of France is a perfect example of what collective intelligence can do when it is focused on a common goal. The teams at Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, their industrial and institutional partners, have all been transformed by this shared motivation to create low carbon cements in order to finally change the face of concrete.

Awarded the Horizon 2020 Label for Research and Innovation in Europe and after initially obtaining eligibility in December 2016 through CGI, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies’ application was approved in September 2018 for the very demanding Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir Français 3 (PIA3).

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