Pouring of a 120 sqm slab using Hoffmann concrete for a individual house

Hoffmann Green Cement is now active on the French market for individual houses with its 0% clinker cements.

This first concrete floor slab of 120 square meters was poured with Hoffmann by H-UKR and saved 3.25 tons of CO2 compared to a Portland concrete of type C25/30.

Congratulations to the Vendée-based builder Milcendeau, which has been specialising in the construction of individual houses in the Vendée and Loire-Atlantique areas since 1963, for its commitment and its desire to develop the French market for individual houses with totally innovative technologies and, above all, without clinker!

Hoffmann Green Cement would also like to extend its special and sincere thanks to Vincent Plessis, General Director of Milcendeau, and all the teams who worked on this project.