Participation in the first off-site construction project with the Cougnaud Group

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies announces its participation, alongside the Cougnaud Group, in its first construction project undertaken off-site.

Hoffmann Green and the Cougnaud Group, leading player in off-site construction, are collaborating within the framework of the construction of the extension to the IFACOM training center, a vocational school specializing in work-study business courses. This center, located in La Ferrière (Vendée, western France), comprises approximately 220 m2 of buildings made from Hoffmann Green low-carbon concrete slabs. This is the first construction project Hoffmann Green has participated in that is being undertaken off-site. With this constantly- evolving construction method based on prefabricated components, the elements’ planning, design, manufacturing and assembly stages are all carried out in a factory, with only the assembly of the modules and the finishing touches carried out on-site.

This partnership combines both a high environmental and technical performance construction process and the use of innovative low-carbon materials. This is the first step in the partnership initiated with the Cougnaud Group, which consumes a surface area of approximately 20,000 m2 of concrete slabs every year.

Julien Blanchard and David Hoffmann, co-founders of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, say: “We are delighted with our collaboration with the Cougnaud Group and this project that represents a historical first for Hoffmann Green. Indeed, this achievement via the off-site construction process that is virtuous for the environment is perfectly suited to the use of our low-carbon cement. We are thus very proud to be participating, alongside this historic Group, in the construction of IFACOM’s eco-responsible training center that represents a first step in our shared desire to help reduce the building sector’s greenhouse gas emissions”.

The climate emergency is making it necessary for us to improve our construction processes, because tomorrow we will no longer to be able to build like we used to. The use of Hoffmann Green low-carbon cement within the framework of this new eco-designed and eco-constructed training center is perfectly in line with this approach. Thanks to the off-site construction and Hoffmann Green’s technology, we can already build responsibly today”, adds Eric Cougnaud, Chairman of the Cougnaud Group.

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