Lauching of the PHARE calculator, to calculate the carbon footprint of Hoffmann concrete.

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies announces the launch of PHARE, an innovative tool enabling the carbon footprint of Hoffmann concrete to be calculated online.

Alongside the development of its low-carbon technologies, Hoffmann Green Cement is assisting its partners with their environmental strategies by providing them with a tool that calculates the carbon footprint of all components of a structure that use Hoffmann concrete. This calculator is thus a decision-making aid for all building sector players enabling them to assess the environmental performances of their constructions and to comply with the sector’s environmental regulatory requirements, such as the future “RE 2020” regulation forexample.

Hosted on a dedicated and secure portal on Hoffmann Green Cement’s website, the PHARE calculator is an intuitive, easy-to-use and scalable tool that enables all parts of a structure manufactured using current and future Hoffmann technology to be computed. A particular feature of this tool is its degree of accuracy, with the possibility of choosing targeted applications (shells, slabs, floors, posts, beams, etc.) and various characteristics (resistance and consistency of concrete, density of steel, thickness, etc.).

This calculator was developed in partnership with EVEA, specialists in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and its applications for research and industry, and certified by verifiers ELYS CONSEIL. This control today allows Fiches de Déclaration Environnementale et Sanitaire (FDES) environmental and health declaration forms published by the calculator to be automatically compliant with the NF EN 15804 standard. These FDES forms can also be used as is by all environmental research and engineering department configurators.

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