Immobilière 3F signs a partnership with Hoffmann Green

Immobilière 3F, leader in social housing, signs a partnership with Hoffmann Green and commits to using low-carbon and low-energy cements for 50% of its housing production under direct contracting from 2023.

As part of an experimentation contract signed in September 2020, the GCC, Immobilière 3F and Hoffmann Green teams were able to test Hoffman carbon-free cement on a construction site of 85 social housing units based in Saint-Leu-la-Forêt (95). At the end of this very successful test, Hoffmann Green and Immobilière 3F decided to continue their cooperation with the signing of a partnership agreement in which the number 1 in social housing undertakes to:

  • Develop and implement low carbon footprint real estate projects, and therefore encourage the whole construction sector to reduce its carbon impact;
  • Use low carbon footprint concrete, i.e. concrete whose binder is clinker-free or whose carbon impact is less than 120kgCO2/m3 of concrete based on a C25/30;
  • Extend this ambition to 50% of its directly contracted housing production from 2023, and to aim for 100% of its directly contracted production by 2030.