Hoffmann Green announces that it has been granted an H-P2A patent in Europe

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies today announces that it has been granted a European patent for its H-P2A technology.

This issuance of a second patent for the Company’s H-P2A technology, following the one granted in the United States in 2020, further strengthens the protection of Hoffmann Green Cement’s intellectual property and therefore intensifies the barriers to entry on the decarbonized cement market. Following over five years of appraisals, the H-P2A patent was validated by the European Patent Office under number 3274315.

As a reminder, H-P2A (High Performance Alkaline Activation) is a geopolymer technology enabling low-carbon cements to be formulated, based on the co-products produced by industry, for the mortar and industrial adhesive markets.

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