Hoffmann Green is a member of the new Alliance for Low-Carbon & Concrete created by ECOS.

This alliance brings together players offering ready-to-deploy solutions to decarbonise the cement value chain cost-effectively and quickly, and we are proud to be part of it.

“Cement accounts for 8% of global CO2 emissions and it is urgent to reduce them to minimise the effects of climate change as much as possible. Solutions already exist and Hoffmann technologies are now widely used in France. Performance-based standards and a favourable financial framework are needed to develop the market. The members of the ALCCC will work together to ensure the short-term availability of innovative, safe and high-performance low-carbon cement and concrete,” says Julien Blanchard, Chairman of the Management Board and co-founder of Hoffmann Green.

The clinker used in Portland cement is far from irreplaceable. Hoffmann Green’s H-UKR and H-IONA 0% clinker cements are proof of this.

Rapid reductions are necessary and possible today if we are to achieve our common climate objectives.