Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies joins the French Fab network

As future-facing actors in the French industrial sector, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies has joined the French Fab network.

French Fab is the standard when it comes to French industry in motion, the captain of the French national (industry) team, if you will. It unites the various industrial ecosystems and is the bearer of deep ambitions, including the embodiment of a prosperous future for French industry.

French Fab brings together companies and industrial sites in France that recognize themselves in the desire to develop French industry, adhere to the ideas and values of French Fab and want to proudly show it off.

As a member of French Fab, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies clearly affirms its priorities:

  • Innovation as a lever to develop its business.
  • Modernisation of production methods and business models, notably through digital technologies.
  • Adapting how work is organised to integrate new practices and training for new skills.
  • Ecological and environmental performance of its production methods and products.
  • Development of export and internationalisation capabilities to conquer markets that have now gone global.

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