Hoffmann Green cement obtains two new favorable evaluations from the CSTB

 After becoming the first company in the world to have developed a clinker-free cement validated under ATEx case A by the CSTB, Hoffmann Green pursues its H-UKR cement assessment plan with two new ratings from the public reference company for quality, sustainability and safety in buildings. 

Identifiable by the numbers 3019_V1 and 3020_V1, these two ATEx validate the use of H-UKR cement-based concrete for superstructure and foundation applications in all types of buildings: homes, public buildings, tertiary buildings, high-rise buildings, etc. All applications enabling the interior and exterior structure of the building to be created are covered: footings, stringers, rafters, floors, columns, beams, walls and slabs. 

These evaluations once again highlight the technical performance of H-UKR cement, which has been checked and validated by insurers and national control offices and extend its range of uses. They thus allow the spread of clinker-free decarbonated cement in the construction sector. 

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