Hoffmann Green Cement announces the granting of the H-EVA patent in China, its clinker-free cement based on activated clay

One year after the granting of the Chinese patent for its H-P2A binder, Hoffmann Green Cement is further developing its intellectual property in this territory with the granting of a patent for its 0% clinker H-EVA cement. 

After more than three years of analysis, the H-EVA patent has been validated by the Chinese Patent Office under the number CN 201880079822.X. 

As a reminder, H-EVA is a 0% clinker cement based on an alkaline ettringitic technology based on activated clay and which is presented in the form of a powder that can be stored in a silo. With a mechanical strength of up to 60 Megapascal at 28 days, its strong technical performance makes it suitable for all types of concrete applications in buildings and on roads. H-EVA is notably used by the Bouygues Construction group in the context of 0% clinker clay concrete projects. 

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