Hoffmann Green and Eloy sign a partnership to develop carbon-free construction in Belgium

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies announces that it has signed a partnership with the Belgian group Eloy for pilot applications of ready-mixed concrete and prefabrication.

The Eloy Group, which is active in construction and water treatment, has always been concerned about its environmental impact. The Liège-based company was one of the first to have its own recycling park in the 1990s. More recently, its ecocenter in Bierset has enabled it to compete for a prime position in markets where circularity is key. Eloy aims to be a sustainable player and has included in its transversal strategy the target of reducing its environmental impact by 30% by 2027.

In line with this approach, Eloy has signed a partnership with Hoffmann Green Cement to carry out specific technical tests and develop concrete formulations based on Hoffmann Green Cement 0% clinker technologies.

The first pilot construction projects with Hoffmann cement in Belgium are planned for the first half of 2023 in the province of Liège, in order to test this new product while familiarising Eloy site teams. Eloy is thus the first Belgian player to act now for a construction with 0% clinker cement and concrete.