Hoffmann and VM Matériaux: First distribution agreement in mainland France for the distribution of H-IONA carbon-free cement bags

The signing of this agreement accelerates the availability of Hoffmann Green cements to construction professionals, craftsmen and the general public. With this partnership, Hoffmann Green Cement now

addresses all the concrete markets in France: the ready-mixed concrete market, the precast concrete market and the cement bag market. Located on the west coast of France, the materials trading specialist VM Matériaux will be the first distributor in mainland France to offer H-IONA cement in 25 kg bags to building professionals, craftsmen and the general public.

The H-IONA technology developed by Hoffmann Green is a multi-purpose cement for concrete or mortar, which can be used for various masonry works. It has a carbon footprint 5 times ower than traditional Portland cement. Bags of H-IONA cement will be available in the 50 sales outlets of the VM Matériaux network.