Hoffmann Green expands partnership with prefabricator Soriba.

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies announces that it expands partnership with prefabricator Soriba.

Already a partner of Hoffmann Green for the application of architectonic double walls, this contract will allow Soriba, a company from the Vendée region of western France and leading player in the design of precast concrete products, to manufacture low-carbon staircases in its future 4.0 plant located in Fontenay-Le-Comte in Vendée close to the Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies site.

This 6,500 m2 4.0 factory, which will have a semi-automated industrial process equipped with a modern concrete-hardening system with controlled temperature and humidity, should become operational from the summer of 2021.

Julien Blanchard and David Hoffmann, co-founders of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, say:

We are delighted to announce the signing of the extension of the partnership with Soriba, a company from the same region as us and with the same research and development ambitions to decarbonize the construction sector as Hoffmann Green, and with which we had already partnered for the application of architectonic double walls. This agreement with an innovative partner shows the appeal of Hoffmann Green’s cement in terms of helping reduce the construction sector’s carbon impact”.

Stéphane Garnier, Chief Executive Officer of Soriba, adds: Using Hoffmann Green cement, which allows CO2 emissions within the concrete manufacturing process to be substantially reduced, for the production of low-carbon stairs is perfectly in line with our company’s continuous environmentally responsible and innovation approach. We have already been able to test the efficacy of this clinker-free cement for architectonic double walls, and this new contract for the industrial production of our stairs at our future plant is proof of its competitiveness and pertinence in tackling the challenges currently facing the sector”.

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