Appointment of Stéphanie Bondoux

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies announces the appointment of Stéphanie Bondoux as Director of Certification and Accreditation.

In France, the construction sector has to comply with numerous and ever-changing technical norms and standard practices. In order to ensure that Hoffmann Green continues to meet the highest industry standards, the Company has decided to appoint Stéphanie Bondoux as Director of Certification and Accreditation.

The aim of this appointment is thus to assess the performance, the sustainability of solutions and the safety of the various applications while fostering the policy of innovation that is ingrained within Hoffmann Green’s DNA. To do this, Stéphanie Bondoux will work in close collaboration with the test labs and accreditation bodies, and notably the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB, France’s scientific and technical center for building), and will undertake the necessary trials to obtain the appropriate certifications and accreditations. The experience she has acquired throughout her career at Hilti within a context of ground-breaking innovation represents an additional asset for the Company.

Stéphanie, who is 36, has a master’s degree in Marketing from Paris 1 Panthéon – Sorbonne University and has considerable experience in the field of accreditations, technical assessments and regulations applicable to the construction sector. She began her career as a fastening product manager at Hilti, a global leader in anchoring solutions and fire protection systems for construction, building and industry professionals.

Prior to joining Hoffmann Green Cement, since 2016 Stéphanie was in charge of accreditations and the regulatory framework for Hilti’s subsidiaries in Western Europe (France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg).

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