Our purpose

Design and produce low carbon cements to act on the environment differently and as of now in order to build tomorrow’ sustainable cities by promoting circular economy and the use of local resources.

Message from the President

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies was born from a collective adventure based on taking action in favor of the environment, in a total different way and as from now , by decarbonizing the construction sector.

The environmental challenges for our planet today are so great that it is essential to ensure that any creation of economic value is directly correlated with the creation of environmental value.

The disruptive technologies we have developed now allow us to produce cements with a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional cement.
With an order book already established, and a high value-added positioning in a market that must accelerate its energy transition, I am convinced that we can initiate a real paradigm shift in the construction sector.

By creating the first low-carbon cements, we are making a concrete and innovative contribution to preparing a better future for future generations. Our Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies teams, our industrial and institutional partners are all driven by this ambition.
Chairman of the Management Board of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies

Hoffmann Green in numbers

100 M€
raised during the IPO
1 st
low-carbon cement in the world
Carbon footprint of cement divided by 6
order book until 2025

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