H2 production unit

Construction of our H2 production unit

Hoffmann Green is developing a new factory model, the only one of its kind in the world, which will increase production capacity 11-fold by 2024.

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The key dates from our history


Decembre 2022
A look back at the construction of H2
End of cladding installation
installation of cladding
creation of the storage area
March 2022
Setting up the process
January 2022
A look back at the construction of H2


Beginning of the preparation of the foundations of the H2 site
Site preparation operations
Ouest France "A project for a second factory at Hoffmann"
Start of technical trials of H-UKR in slipform formwork
September 2020
Find the interview of Olivier Lefelle - Head of Construction works

About H2

This new production unit, still on our historic site in Bournezeau (Vendée), marks an important step in the company's development. This plant, unique in the world, is a concrete example of our industrial vision: cutting-edge technologies, advanced R&D and human collaboration to offer solutions to environmental issues.
We believe in the virtues of the industry to meet today's challenges. It took us less than 4 years to move from the idea to our first plant (inaugurated in 2018). By 2024, we will have increased our production capacity from 50,000 tonnes to 550,000 tonnes per year with the construction of two new plants: H2 in the Vendée and H3 in the Île-de-France region.
This new plant model will allow us to move from an industry with a high environmental impact to a desired industry, at the cutting edge of technology and at the service of environmental issues.
Julien Blanchard
Chairman of the Board of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies

H2 in figures

22 M€
of budget
20 months
of works
of Hoffmann concrete used
fast-track construction site

About H2

The H1 production unit has enabled us to test, calibrate and optimise our manufacturing processes on a large scale. H2, will enable us to go further and multiply our production capacity by 5 compared to our pilot plant. This new plant is therefore the model that we are going to deploy in the regions, the result of a multitude of challenges: inventing a large-scale production process for our cements, combining industrial performance and minimum impact, combining industrial production capacity with a small footprint to set up near cities. It's an incredible adventure carried out at high speed. It is a collective pride to imagine this plant of the future.
Olivier Lefelle
Head of Construction works for Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies

Medias H2

Start of construction of the second H2 production site

19 Jan 2021

3D views of the project