H-EVA, cement for mortar, plaster, road binder and site concrete

Composition of this alkaline ettringitic cement


An innovative binder, H-EVA is an alkaline ettringitic technology.

Activators and superactivators formulated by Hoffmann Green are added to flashed clay, mixed with gypsum/desulfogypsum to obtain H-EVA cement. Gypsum from industrial processes, such as desulfogypsum or phosphogypsum, are currently still little upgraded.

H-EVA is ideal as a road binder, but also for mortars, plasters and construction concretes.

Ready-mix concrete

Characteristics of H-EVA cement


H-EVA cement has a mechanical strength of up to 60 MPa during 28 days.

H-EVA cement has a formulation that does not contain one gram of clinker and a carbon footprint divided by 5 compared to the traditional cement.

This cement comes in the form of a powder that can be stored in a silo and is perfectly compatible with existing manufacturing processes.

H-EVA is a cement intended for the market of mortar and coating formulators, building site concretes and road binders.