H2 production unit

New H2 production plant

The new production unit, H2, which will be the factory model deployed worldwide, reflects this challenge: design for the lowest possible impact.

A vertical plant unique in the world

This new production unit, still located at our historic site in Bournezeau (Vendée), marks an important step in the company's development.

This plant, the only one of its kind in the world, is a concrete example of our industrial vision: cutting-edge technologies, advanced R&D and human collaboration to provide solutions to environmental challenges.

We believe in the power of industry to meet today's challenges.

This new factory model will enable us to move from an industry that has been subjected to harsh environmental conditions, to an industry that is at the cutting edge of technology and at the service of environmental issues.

By multiplying our production capacity by 5, from 50,000 T to 250,000 T, H2 is helping to accelerate our development and enable us to meet the growing demand for our low-carbon cement without clinker.
Julien Blanchard
Chairman of the Board of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies

H2 in figures

22 M€
24 months
of works
70 m
100 %
in en ciment Hoffmann Green 0% clinker
1000 T
of cement produced per day

A look back at this extraordinary project

H2, a technological and ecological feat

This new H2 plant is the fruit of a multitude of challenges: inventing a large-scale production process, combining industrial performance with minimum impact, and combining industrial production capacity with a small footprint.

The choice of a vertical production model enables us to limit our footprint and meet the Zero Net Artificialization (ZAN) targets set by the public authorities. This small footprint also makes it easier to locate in future development zones, with limited land requirements.

The vertical process also makes it possible to use gravity to optimize the production process. It is simpler and less energy-consuming to transport powdered materials by gravity than by conveyors or belts: less waste, less dust, less energy...

Hoffmann Green has also designed an intelligent, fully connected production process. The plant is fully controllable thanks to a global intelligent program. An alliance of man/machine/digital technology that optimizes every stage and guarantees high quality standards.

Finally, the plant is over 50% self-sufficient in energy, thanks to the installation of 12 solar trackers.

Key stages in the project

The key dates from our history


Inauguration H2
Completion of the pre-walls


Tracker installation
December 2022
A look back at the construction of H2
End of cladding installation
installation of cladding
creation of the storage area
March 2022
Setting up the process
January 2022
A look back at the construction of H2


Beginning of the preparation of the foundations of the H2 site
Site preparation operations
Ouest France "A project for a second factory at Hoffmann"
Start of technical trials of H-UKR in slipform formwork
September 2020
Find the interview of Olivier Lefelle - Head of Construction works

A feat of civil engineering

H2 is first and foremost a major innovation in terms of its design and construction.

Made entirely from Hoffmann Green concrete, it is yet another example of the performance of these new cements.

Designed by Ibau Hamburg and built by Eiffage Génie Civil teams in 1.80 m smooth formwork, H2 is a real feat.

The first part, up to 20 metres, was completed before the installation of 24 petals, each weighing 15 tonnes and prefabricated on site using H-UKR 0% clinker cement, to form the plant's inverted cone.

A fine demonstration of the quality of Hoffmann's technologies, which successfully passed all CSTB pull-out tests on the lifting elements.

The second part of the lift, from 20 to 70 metres, was carried out continuously over 22 consecutive days, 24 hours a day.