Our strategy

Unique revenue model

Hoffmann Green has a profitable and sustainable business model based on a high-value-added positioning via the implementation of partnership contracts.

Each partnership contract is signed for a duration of 3 to 5 years and gives the contractual partner exclusivity in one of more fields of application. These contracts notably include:

  • The billing of upfront engineering services
  • The sales of Hoffmann cements by volume

3 growth levers

Hoffmann Green, which considers itself to be the sixth largest French cement manufacturer, is aiming to accelerate its development and become the low-carbon cement leader in France, with an annual cement production capacity of 550,000 tons by 2024, representing a 3% French market share.

This development strategy is based on three main pillars:

Industrial Pillar

Construction of two new production sites (Bournezeau and Ile-de-France) in order to increase the Company’s annual cement production capacity to 550,000 tons by 2024 and gradually ensure nationwide coverage

Commercial Pillar

FRANCE : Signing of contracts with new partners to deploy its activities on the three target markets: precast concrete, ready-to-use concrete and bags of cement

INTERNATIONAL : Setting up of distribution licensing agreements through 2024 for specific geographical regions and with targeted partners (favorable ecosystem, substantial environmental regulations, a dynamic construction sector)

Innovation Pillar

Development of new technologies in the field of cements in order to maintain both barriers to entry and its technological lead

The Company’s business model gives it visibility over its revenue with a substantial order book to date (approximately 150,000 tons of cement distributed until 2025).