Grand Prix Nantes Industrie Awards 2020: Hoffmann winner

Nearly 200 people attended the Nantes Industrie Awards ceremony organised by the Salon de l’industrie Grand Ouest, Exponantes and Le Journal des Entreprises on 28 January.

The Pays de la Loire is one of the “pools of territories with a positive dynamic” and Nantes benefits from an “advantageous geographical positioning” but, as in all the territories of France, 40% of the success factors are “unexplained”. So, “what is the specific share of local engineering ? “. This is how Vincent Charlet, Managing Director of the think tank La Fabrique de l’Industrie, opened the awards evening at the 2020 edition of the Nantes Industrie Awards.

Green industry, tomorrow’s industry…

During this evening, several winners received their awards in the “Green Industry” or “Industry of Tomorrow” categories, to name but a few.

After which, as a closing event, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies was awarded the Grand Prix of the Nantes Industrie Awards 2020, rewarding the company’s rich 2019 year. Julien Blanchard, Chairman of the Management Board, received the award from Vincent Charlet.

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Credits : Benjamin Lachenal/Le Journal des Entreprises