Bouygues Construction and Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies sign a partnership to develop concretes with a low carbon footprint

Bouygues Construction and Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies signed a technical and commercial collaboration contract with an initial duration of 30 months, aiming to develop and test concrete formulas that integrate a new cement manufactured using an innovative technology (called H-EVA).

As a major actor in public works and civil engineering, Bouygues Construction must face the challenge of growing urbanisation while controlling its impacts on the environment. The partnership we signed with Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies is the opportunity to work together to develop an innovative solution in our sector with less CO2 emissions, and to take action in favour of more sustainable construction for our customers,” said Philippe Bonnave, CEO of Bouygues Construction.

“The construction sector must quickly evolve given the climate issues we face and changing regulations. To meet these challenges, we have created new cements that are guaranteed zero-clinker, made using co-products from industry. Our industrial approach for cement is a truly environmentally responsible and revolutionary solution in the construction market. This pivotal partnership is a great illustration of Bouygues Construction’s willingness to support disruptive innovations like ours in order to lead the construction sector toward sustainable and drastic reductions in CO2 emissions, starting now,” declared Julien Blanchard, President and Co-founder of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies.

Read the full press release here (in french)