H-UKR Applications

Cements for eco-responsible, innovative and responsive concrete to multiple areas of activity

Discover below several examples of applications made low carbon thanks to our innovative low carbon cement H-UKR.


Innovative concrete for high environmental performance walls made of poured concrete

­Clinker-free, kiln-safe and cold-activated, H-UKR cement is the foundation for the future of construction. The disruptive innovation proposed here makes it possible to cast high-performance carbon-bonded sails, reducing carbon emissions by a factor of 5 compared with traditional cement.
The H-UKR cement developed by Hoffmann Green lends itself perfectly to the standard methods of pouring the sheets. Thanks to our H-UKR cement, ready-mixed concrete structures now combine technical, economic and environmental performance.

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Prefabricated low carbon concrete stairs

The decarbonated cements developed by Hoffmann Green are ideally suited for the prefabrication of elements such as stairs. Moreover, no modification of the production tool is necessary (cement storage silos, mixers, conveyors, moulds, etc.). In addition, the setting times of Hoffmann concrete are generally shorter and allow for higher rotations in industrial plants.

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Concrete slabs with a very low carbon footprint

Hoffmann cements can also be used to pour concrete slabs with a very low CO2 footprint and superior technical characteristics. This is therefore a real asset for sustainable and responsible building of the cities of today and tomorrow.

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Concrete with a low carbon footprint for pouring gutters

Particularly used during road works or landscaping, our H-UKR cement adapts perfectly to the technical constraints expected during the pouring of concrete gutters.

The innovation of our H-UKR cement enables the design of all waste water drainage projects, with the addition of a carbon performance 5 times better than with traditional cement.

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Low carbon concrete blocks

Hoffmann Green has developed a cement that enables the production of manufactured concrete blocks for the construction industry. Based on our patented H-UKR cement, these low carbon concrete blocks can be used for the construction of environmentally friendly buildings that meet the future E+C- standard.

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